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Welcome all conventioneers to our 2015 Showroom Competition.  If you have been dressing, displaying, creating, and crafting for your Ken® & friends at home, we want you to showcase your dolls and creations at our 2015 Competition.

Our judging will be conducted by a rousing popular vote by all registered conventioneers.  We will award a first and second place award in each category, as well as an overall People’s Choice Award. 

Competition Official Rules:

1. Please refer to our schedule for the location and drop off time.

2. Each registered conventioneer may enter as many categories as they wish with a limit of one entry per category.

3. Only Mattel dolls may be entered in competition.

4. Each conventioneer must provide sturdy stands/easels for their entries.

5. Entries must be placed before the drop off period closes, in accordance with our schedule. There are no exceptions without previous permission from one of the competition chairpersons.

6. Collaborations are permitted by registered conventioneers. Please understand that only one ribbon/prize will be awarded per entry, not for each member of a collaborative group.

7. To ensure security, all dolls, accessories, and props must be entered and removed by the pre-registered entrants only. Signatures will be required for drop offs and pickups.


8. We will provide security during all viewing times. Prizes will be awarded during the Saturday dinner event.

9. You must submit your entry form by the primary deadline of July 30, 2015, and no later than the final deadline of August 20, 2015.

10. Please submit your entry form early and prior to the due date.  We want to ensure a smooth event for all conventioneers.

Please remember to return entry form by August 20, 2015!

2015 Competition Sign-Up FORM


A. Vintage Dolls & Outfits (Single doll must be placed in sturdy stand):

1. Vintage Ken® or male friend doll dressed in a 1961 – 1965 vintage outfit appropriate to the doll.

2. Mod Ken® or male friend 1966 – 1976 doll dressed in a 1966 – 1976 outfit appropriate to the doll.

3. Vintage Ken® NRFB outfit from 1961 – 1965.

4. Vintage Ken® NRFB accessory pak from 1961 – 1965.

5. Vintage Ken® or Allan doll 1961 - 1965 MIB/NRFB


B. Mix & Match (Single doll placed in a sturdy stand and limited to hand held props that relate to the theme. No furniture permitted):

1. Fashion Trends - Dress your favorite Ken® or Mattel vinyl male doll (1961 – 2015) (no Silkstone™ permitted) in any Mattel outfit pieces and accessories mixed to create your own unique men's style. A one-of-a kind trendy look from any era that you create from readymade clothing and accessory items.

2. Hattitude – Dress your favorite Ken® or Mattel vinyl male doll in a mix and match outfit and wearing a hat appropriate to the style of outfit created. A few hat ideas: top hat, cowboy hat, bowler, boater, sailor's hat, fedora, panama, newsboy, porkpie, etc.


C. Single Doll Creation (Single doll placed in a sturdy stand and limited to hand held props that relate to the theme. No furniture permitted):

1. Puttin' on the Ritz – Design and create a custom ensemble that shows a classic look circa 1950 - 1959 for  Ken® or Mattel vinyl male doll outfitted for the evening (a dinner date, night at the opera, a charity ball, a bachelor auction, etc.)    

2. Ken's® day  off – Design and create a leisure look circa 1950 - 1959 for  Ken® or Mattel vinyl male doll that he would wear traveling, at the beach, on a road trip, or just a leisure day at home.

3.  Ken® on the Runway - Design and create your fashion for Ken® or Mattel vinyl male doll that you'd see him wear circa 1950 on the runway at a trunk show at the Carson-Roberts department store. 


D. Diorama Creation (Must feature at least one Ken® or Male Mattel friend. Total space of diorama must not exceed 30” wide by 24” deep. No height or doll count restrictions.):

1. The Haberdashery – Create a diorama of a scene inside a Haberdashery Shop or men's department in the Carson-Roberts department store circa 1950 – 2015 using any vinyl Mattel doll with at least one Ken®  or male friend shopping or being fitted for a suit or hat. Feature accessories found in the Haberdashery such as hats, ties, gloves, sewing notions or machines, fabric, or items found in the department such as shirts, ties, gloves, suspenders, umbrellas, etc.

2. Then and Now - Create a diorama featuring a Carson-Roberts department store window display 1950's to Present Day showing merchandise from any department in any season of the year. Include at least one Ken®  or male friend doll as a model.

3. Ken® in Chicago – Create a diorama of Ken® and any of his vinyl Mattel friends male or female in any activity such as a sporting event, bowling, cookout, touring the landmarks of Chicago or any other group or duo activity.


E. Creative Artwork (placed in an upright position with a self-supporting easel. Need not be professionally framed.):

1. Photography:    Ken® shopping - Display an 8" x 10" photo of Ken® shopping in or entering a real department store, i.e.: Macy's, Nordstrom,  JCPenney, etc. If framed or matted no larger than 10"x13".

2. Artwork:    You work for Carson-Roberts department store– Create an advertisement for Carson-Roberts circa 1950.  Use any artistic medium you choose such as photography, collage, graphic design, ink, pencil, pastel, etc. and no larger than 11" x 17".

Questions? Contact Showroom Competition Chair(s), Diane Harbin at: or Yvonne Mockabee at:


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All Rights Reserved.  This convention is not sponsored by, or affiliated with Mattel, Inc.