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Welcome all conventioneers to our 2014 Competition.  If you have been dressing, displaying, creating, and crafting for your Ken® & friends at home, we want you to showcase your dolls and creations at our 2014 Competition.

Our judging will be conducted by a rousing popular vote by all registered conventioneers.  We will award a first and second place award in each category, as well as an overall People’s Choice Award. 

Competition Official Rules:

1.      Please refer to our schedule for the location and drop off time.

2.      Each registered conventioneer may enter as many categories as they wish with a limit of one entry per category.

3.      Only Mattel dolls may be entered in competition.

4.      Each conventioneer must provide sturdy stands/easels for their entries.

5.      Entries must be placed before the drop off period closes, in accordance with our schedule. There are no exceptions without previous permission from one of the competition chairpersons.

6.      Collaborations are permitted by registered conventioneers. Please understand that only one ribbon/prize will be awarded per entry, not for each member of a collaborative group.

7.      We will provide security during all viewing times. Prizes will be awarded during the Saturday dinner event.

8.      You must submit your entry form by the primary deadline of August 30, 2014, and no later than the final deadline of September 20, 2014.

9.      Please submit your entry form early and prior to the due date.  We want to ensure a smooth event for all conventioneers.


Please remember to return entry form by September 20, 2014!

2014 Competition Sign-Up FORM


A. Vintage Dolls & Outfits (Single doll placed in a sturdy stand and limited to hand held props that relate to the theme.  No furniture permitted):

1.       Vintage Ken® or male friend doll dressed in a 1961 – 1965 vintage outfit appropriate to the doll.

2.       Vintage Ken® or male friend doll dressed in a vintage tuxedo.

3.       Mod Ken® or male friend 1965 – 1976 doll dressed in a 1965 – 1976 outfit appropriate to the doll.

4.       Mod Ken® or male friend 1965 – 1976 doll dressed as a groom or groomsman.

5.       Vintage Ken® NRFB outfit from 1961 – 1965.

6.       Mod Ken® outfit from 1965 – 1974.

7.       Free for all Vintage/Mod from 1961 - 1974 - pick any Mattel doll/outfit/product you wish to spotlight that doesn't fit in any other category.

B. Mix & Match (Single doll placed in a sturdy stand and limited to hand held props that relate to the theme.  No furniture permitted):

1.       Paint the Town Red- dress Ken®/friend in an outfit using/featuring at least one visible outfit piece in red.

2.       The Proposal - Style your favorite Ken® or Mattel vinyl Male doll (1990 – 2014) (no Silkstone™ permitted) in an outfit created from bits and pieces of only Mattel clothing from any era in combination that Ken® would wear to propose to his true love.

C. Single Doll Creation (Single doll placed in a sturdy stand and limited to hand held props that relate to the theme.  No furniture permitted):

1.     The Groom – Create a traditional ensemble Ken® would be proud to wear on his wedding day.

2.      Best Man – Of course, any groom needs a best man.  Dress Ken®’s best man in an outfit worthy of a wedding day.

3.      Funky Formal - Create a non-traditional ensemble Ken® or his friend would be proud to wear at or in a wedding.

D. Diorama Creation (Must feature at least one Ken® or Male Mattel friend.  Total space of diorama must not exceed 30” wide by 24” deep.  No height or doll count restrictions.):

1.       Bachelor Party - Create a diorama featuring a bachelor party.  Is it a hum-drum event or merry mayhem for the guys in their pre-celebratory get together?

2.       Wedding Celebration - The big day is here.  Create a traditional or non-traditional scene for Ken®  getting dressed, taking pictures with his groomsmen, waiting at the altar, exchanging of the rings, taking pictures with his betrothed or the entire wedding party, eloping, leaving the chapel, at the reception, etc. at whatever destination you see Ken® getting married.  Is it a destination wedding or a more traditional location? Is it at a hotel, planetarium, museum, park, yacht, on the beach, city hall, family residence, Las Vegas, Paris, Cancun, or any place that you envision a wedding taking place.

3.        Honeymoon Fantasy – create a diorama featuring any destination that Ken® would plan for a honeymoon trip, such as planning the honeymoon or Ken® and his betrothed enjoying their domestic, international, or exotic honeymoon destination.

E. Artwork (to be no larger than 8” x 11.5”, framed or matted no larger than 10” x 13” and placed in an upright position with a self-supporting easel.  (Need not be professionally framed).

1.              Photography – Wedding Photo op – display a photo, no larger than 11” x 17” of Ken®’s wedding party, the happy couple, at the wedding venue, at the reception, or on the honeymoon.

2.              Artwork - Enter your artwork (drawing, pastels, paint, collage, scrapbook page) of the wedding couple no larger than 11” x    17” and need not be professionally framed, but must stand upright against an easel back (you may make yourself).

Questions? Contact Contemporary Competition Chair(s), Diane Harbin at: or Yvonne Mockabee at:


KEN® and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by and used under license from Mattel, Inc. ® and ™ designate U.S. trademarks of Mattel, Inc. ©2013 Mattel, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.  This convention is not sponsored by, or affiliated with Mattel, Inc.